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Service overview

The ΤANDEM help brands to expand their reach to potential customers, grow their businesses, and have a positive impact on their audience and in their markets. We build Positive Marketing Approach in Accessibility. Accessible marketing is the use of inclusive design practices that make it possible for users of all abilities to fully experience the brand, receive and understand communication, and take advantage of opportunities to engage with and become fans of the brand, services, or products.

The TANDEM approach to
Stepping forward

  • We offer guidance on workplace accommodations and disability employment issues for the benefit of employers and people with disabilities. Services for employers include consultation on the accommodation process and accommodation ideas.
  • Orientation and Mobility (O&M) tips. We answer questions and concerns in terms of how to approach a professional working environment for a disabled employee.
  • We help your company advance independence and promote opportunities for your customers with visual and reading impairments in a caring, timely, and secure manner.
  • We run tailor made accessibility projects for businesses.
  • We offer a wide range of services includes help for employers and career seekers, adaptive technology consultancy services, training courses and mobility services.